Sales Engineeer – Austin office

As Sales Engineer you are the key technical resource for the customer, the sales team and account management team.

You are a part of the sales team. You are mapped into the first sale – and from a technical perspective you will be mapped into the ongoing relationship with our customers. You work collaboratively with the sales organization, the customer success team and the customer.  You will build ongoing technical relationships, you understand the customer’s use case, respond to questions and concerns, identify opportunities that address the customer’s needs and effectively communicate the solutions.

Who wins this role at 360Science?

Someone who is analytical with good communication skills. You will have a BS degree and a highly technical. background in SQL, data integration and CRM, and relational database schema design. You will have solid knowledge of Java, HTML, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, SQL etc. You will be as comfortable in SQL Server as you are You’ll speak .NET and APEX. You enjoy playing with Hadoop and AWS.

We are looking for someone who is naturally inquisitive. Seriously – you will ask five questions to everything – and own a book on Sakichi Toyoda Six Sigma. We know that translates into being able to hear what the customer is “really” saying.

Most important… We want someone who is intensely competitive. Someone who thrives on being in a team, and has a sales mentality (your compensation depends on it!). What does that mean? It means you will be responsible for executing the technical aspects of the sales strategy.

To use a sports analogy – we want someone who knows not only their position and their route- but also the person next to them. Someone who understands that winning is important – but so is your reputation and how you play the game.

If this doesn’t sound like you – don’t apply!

To apply for this role please send your CV with a cover letter to [email protected]