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We’re an assortment of talented and quirky people united by one common goal: to bring a higher quality of data to businesses worldwide. It’s been our aim since the beginning, and we’re not slowing down.


Our mission is to equip professionals everywhere with the world's most powerful and accurate matching engine, bringing data-driven decision making to the masses.

Whether you’re looking at simple deduplication or a completely integrated 360-degree view customer data strategy, 360Science has a solution for you.

Our product philosophy is simple. We build software that is fast, easy to use, and above all else, accurate.

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In 1947, an electric engineer and computer scientist by the name of Geoff Tootill was recruited by Frederic Williams to join Tom Kilburn at Manchester University. The three would go on to build the world’s first wholly electronic stored-program computer. This computer, also knows as the Manchester Baby, ran its first program on June 21st, 1948. You could say this is where the story of 360Science begins.

In addition to being a pioneering computer scientist, Geoff was also a linguist and a classics scholar. It was this passion that led him down the path to another major development, a program that understands pronunciation.

soundIT, as it would eventually be called, was much different than the more conventional phonetic algorithms available then and now. soundIT could understand pronunciation and had a strong appreciation for stress syllables, making it ideally suited for matching names.

Like his father, Steve Tootill came up in the world of computer science, and also like his father, would leave his mark, making a significant contribution to businesses around the world.

Our history

Steve knew soundIT was special and the ideal foundation for something revolutionary. He went to work, building several other complementary technologies that when combined with soundIT resulted in the world’s most accurate matching engine for contact and business data.

In 1991, Steve took this software, matchIT, to market under the banner helpIT Systems. Since then, helpIT Sytems has supported thousands of customers in 27 countries with their data quality requirements.

In July of 2016, helpIT Systems went through a significant rebranding and emerged as 360Science. Today we are dedicated to making the world’s most powerful matching engine even more accurate and putting it in the hands of everyone who needs it, regardless of background or skill set.

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We are techies, geeks by nature, addicted to innovation and completely crazy about data quality.

Located in the tech hub of Austin, 360Science is looking for entrepreneurial-like people ready to push boundaries.

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