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MPS Suppression File Update


MPS Suppression File Update


The MPS suppression files are updated monthly. When a new update becomes available, the 360Science team will alert you via email and provide an FTP link to download the data.

Do I have the latest update?

By default, the MPS suppression files are installed to “C:SuppressionMPS”. To check that you have the latest suppression files, you should compare the modified dates of the installed DBF files, to the date of the latest MPS update, which is listed on the Latest Dataset page. If the date of your installed DBF files is similar to (or within a week of) the date listed on the Latest Dataset web page, then your data is up to date. If you have multiple versions of the MPS data files, unless you have a specific reason to keep multiple copies, you should disregard all but the latest files.

How do I obtain the latest update?

Typically we provide the data via FTP; to recieve the data updates in this format please feel free to contact our support team via email at  [email protected] or call 01372 225 904. Alternatively, if you have reasons for needing the data in CD format, then this can be provided, again through our support team.