Visualise your data quality with Power BI

Don’t confuse the mSQL’s decision logic with simple counts and values of conventional ‘data profiling’ solutions. mSQL - is wildly different. mSQL not only gives you in-depth data insights into your ‘contact data’  - it performs deeper ‘qualitative’ analysis to measure the quality of your contact data and the trustworthiness of each record. 

With our Power BI integration, we bring that data to life with data analytics and rich interactive visualizations!

‘Powerful’ Contact Data Profiling 
360Science + Microsoft Power BI






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A Flawed Approach

Matching algorithms are too limited in their ability, and It’s not reasonable to rely on extracted, transformed and standardized data. to create uniform matchkeys. It doesn't represent the realities of realities of data, it doesn't work for efficiency and it doesn’t work at scale. 

Requires significant preprocessing. Records must be parsed, standardized, correctly formatted... 

Results are binary

Common errors cause many matches to go undetected.

BUT THE FACT IS: Data isn't perfect

Example Conventional Match Code:
First Name (3) + Soundex Last Name (4) + Street Number (3) + Street Name (4) + ZIP (5)

Multiple Techniques - One Intelligent Matching Engine

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Matching and Unifying
Customer Data in Alteryx
took a giant leap forward.

“We built our Alteryx integration with the Data Analyst in mind. We’ve reduced the level of expertise, the number of steps, the complexity, and the sheer amount of transformations required to match customer data - while significantly increasing the accuracy of matching”.   

Rob Heidenreich - 360Science CEO

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Comcast Partners with 360Science for data matching in their targeted digital advertising and analytics

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360Science Just Wrote the Book on 
Customer Data Matching

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360Science Just Wrote the Book on 
Customer Data Matching