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Data Suppression

Gone Away Suppression, Deceased and MPS names and addresses

Eliminate outdated and inappropriate records from databases and mailing lists and update addresses for movers. We’ve made the process simple and you will see immediate cost savings.

Boost Accuracy, Boost Campaign Performance.

Responsible Marketers and Data Service Providers screen marketing data against the best-known third-party files, including Gone Away, Change of Address, Deceased, and Mailing Preference Service (MPS) from the major data providers. Whether processing your own data or client data – having high data suppression standards ensures that your information is clean and up to date in order to comply with GDPR.

More than a measure of Compliance

Great data suppression standards also make for cost-effective marketing and protects brand reputation. Inadvertently targeting those who have moved away or died is simply no longer acceptable.

  • Reduce wasted costs of print and postage
  • Reach your customer at their new address
  • Avoid upsetting next of kin by mailing the deceased
  • Cut down on environmental waste


So, not only is data suppression important for compliance, it’s best practice for marketing.

A solution that fits your needs:


Data Suppression On-Premise via matchit SQL or matchit Desktop – for clients who need the fastest turnaround and are prepared to host the files locally

Data Suppression as a Service via matchit SQL, matchit Desktop or matchit On Demand – for those who want to reduce overheads for licensing and maintaining third party data suppression files, but want the same high-quality results as those who host the files themselves

Data Providers

We incorporate the most widely-used third-party data suppression files from the best-known names in the data suppression business.
For a full list click here.

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