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Enterprise Customer Data Quality comes to SQL Server

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Complete SQL Data Quality Platform & Components for Microsoft SQL Server

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Trustworthy Customer Data brought to you by matchit SQL

matchIT SQL is a scalable, high-performance solution tightly integrated into Microsoft SQL Server. Deploy it on single or multiple data sources, even on individual records.

  • Standardise, verify, correct and consolidate your customer SQL data
  • Match across single or related tables, or single record lookup for backend order processing
  • Group records at multiple matching levels simultaneously (individual, business, family, address or custom)
  • UK and International Address Verification validates and corrects addresses from over 240 countries
  • Suppression of Gone Away, Deceased and Mailing Preference Service (MPS) names, with change of address for movers
  • Integrated Mailsort and Downstream Access postal discount processing for mailing

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Just Plug and Go

Implement in either SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio using SSIS packages or in SQL Server Management Studio utilising .NET stored procedures.

  • Easy to integrate into existing workflows and tasks, requiring no more than basic database configuration and permission setting
  • Table Valued Function processes individual records entering the database
  • Custom configuration settings and SQL scripts can be reused for repeating and automating jobs
  • SSIS or browser user interface for editing XML configuration files
  • Works as a separate process with an inbuilt monitor to ensure SQL Server is not impacted by task failure

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Features at a Glance

matchit SQL provides the best of both worlds – packaged AI capabilities for matching, address verification, suppression and new addresses for movers – together with all the strengths of SQL Server for data manipulation, access control, logging and maximising data throughput.

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matchIT SQL delivers improved data quality without the need for data transfer to and from other systems. It is optimised to work natively within Microsoft SQL Server – taking advantage of all of SQL Server’s inherent data security and performance capabilities.


We believe customer data unification should be easy, even for users who know nothing about matching. 360Science’s proven, widely-used matching engine maximises the proportion of matches that you can automate.


matchit SQL and matchit Web filter new records to ensure that only good quality contact data is allowed to enter the database, whether arriving through interactive data entry, offline data capture or as batches of new records.


Real-time and batch matching of streaming data ensures your Single Customer View is always up-to-date. This enables you to comply with GDPR Subject Access Requests and the Right To Be Forgotten immediately and fully, using matchit Web.

Why matchit SQL?

Because your matching solution can’t handle this!
No Data Prep

matchit doesn’t require data to be cleansed, normalised or transformed prior to matching.

Seamlessly match data in different formats, and without needing to blend different data sources into a common format/target database.

Mind Blowingly

The grading of matches is light-years beyond what you find in other solutions for matching in SQL Server.

Because it was designed for the errors and inconsistencies that abound in contact data, matchit SQL finds many more accurate matches than SQL Server Data Quality Services.

Record Breaking

matchit SQL is optimised to use all the features of SQL Server to exploit the full power of your hardware.

Reduce data matching processing from days and hours – to just minutes – even on large databases!

Rapid Deployment
Instant Impact

matchit is easy to deploy in SQL Server – your DBA or SQL Developer can get you up and running instantly.

The engine can automatically extract, verify and standardise your data – and even run multiple data matching models simultaneously!

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The 360Science Secret Sauce

For most non-technical users and decision-makers, how matchit works isn’t as important as how well it works. However, for IT decision makers, we know you’ll want to know more about our AI Matching Engine to understand why 360Science is one of the most innovative data science solutions available today. You can see how it works here and you can hit the button below to download a PDF about how matchit links records automatically while avoiding the problems endemic to matching of contact and business data.

Matching stack

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