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Matching and Address Verification logic built for UK data

Data Quality - Made Easy

Matching that thinks like you do!

matchit compares records using all the relevant items of your data to get a granular match score which reflects their similarity – the way that it looks at the context of the data and never relies on any single item of data being correct or consistent is almost human! But, unlike a human, matchit doesn’t get tired – its job is to enable you to accept the vast majority of matches without having to review them, so there are very few in the grey area that you might want to check.

Read more about the Matching Engine.

mDesktop settings and options

Built-in data standardisation

matchit Desktop is designed to resolve many contact data quality issues. The built in parsing engine identifies, extracts, and transforms your data – ensuring even the most inconsistent data entries are properly cleansed.

matchit Desktop will relocate data that is in the wrong field (e.g. people & company names, job titles and postcodes in address lines), parse freeform names into their proper fields, determine gender based on the name, and intelligently case names like MacDonald, O’Reilly, le Tissier, van der Valk, Barrington-Smith.

You can even configure rules for casing (e.g. Natwest =NatWest).

Multiple Data Sources? No Problem!

matchit Desktop makes the challenging task of matching two or more data sources in different layouts easy, whether they are your own files or coming from outside.

It does not require time-consuming data extraction or restructuring in order to match data sources with different file types or file formats. Removing existing customers from a bought-in list and people who have died or moved is a breeze.

matchit will also remove people who have opted out of receiving direct mail. Make sure your marketing complies with GDPR with matchit Desktop!

Quickly and Easily Fix Your Address Data

Ensure the addresses in your CRM, list or databases are accurate and complete.

matchit Desktop makes it easy to compare your data against the Royal Mail Postal Address File, and to verify, correct and standardise your addresses and postcodes.  It also allocates the Delivery Point Suffixes that you need for Mailsort and other mailing discounts.

Your Data is Always on the Move

Did you know that approximately 12% of the population of the UK move house each year?

matchit Desktop’s integrated National Change Of Address processing allows you to link your data to the Royal Mail redirections database and return the new addresses for people that have changed address.  If the database shows that the person has moved but won’t allow the new address to be provided, matchit Desktop can flag the address as “Gone away”.

Did you know?… With matchit Desktop you can suppress records for people who have moved or died!

Data Quality shouldn’t be hard

In today’s big data world there’s never been more data to work with – nor have the insights from the data more needed. Unfortunately, much of this data can be extremely hard to work with, especially if it’s been entered by hand or comes from different systems. Data that’s entered by different people, even in different countries, using different standards typically requires expertise that is in short supply within your organisation.

The simple task of figuring out “who’s who” in a database, spreadsheet or CRM can feel like a herculean, time-consuming task.

Put the power of matchit to work on your toughest data quality challenge

Match and Consolidate

Single file, two file, or multiple file processing. Files in different file formats and in different locations? No problem! Deduplication, merge/purge and suppression is made easy by matchit Desktop’s wizards!

Address Correction

Verify your data against the Royal Mail Postal Address File to correct, clean, parse and standardise your addresses. Add Delivery Point Suffixes (DPS codes) to maximise Mailsort discounts.


Want to know where your customer moved to? Integrated NCOA processing allows you to update your data with Royal Mail redirection new addresses for individuals and families that have moved.

Database Connectivity

Load and output all common file types such as Excel, CSV, Tab delimited etc. and even older formats like Access and DBF – or connect your data using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to work directly with SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL.

Intelligent Data Merge

Create composite records with matchit Desktop’s intelligent data merge function. It transfers data missing in one record but present in another for duplicate records or matching records in different files, so that you do not lose any information.

No ETL – No problem!

No preprocessing needed! matchit Desktop will parse freeform names into their parts and relocate data that is in the wrong field e.g. company names, job titles, postcodes that are floating in the address lines. It will also case your data intelligently.

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