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360Science elevates data matching to a whole new level performance and scale. To put its performance into perspective, the in-memory engine can process over a “Billion” records, and easily chew through a million-record database in seconds! Yeah…. it’s FAST!

More accurate


360Science is far more intelligent than processes that rely on conventional matchkeys to find matches – matchit intelligently prepares data for matching, analyzes the database to grade data, locates records with points of similarity – then scores the the data to accurately grade the match.

Less effort


matchit easily handles data problems so you don’t have to. The logic unifies data without requiring the data wrangling of cleansing, correcting normalising or standardising data. And it can simultaneously process multiple data sources with different inputs, and in different formats.

Your ‘conventional’ matching processes can’t handle this!

We love Alteryx… but trying to match and unify contact data in Alteryx isn’t exactly easy

Alteryx is a fantastic platform, but let’s face it, trying to match and unify contact data in it isn’t easy – as a matter of fact it’s downright hard!

Alteryx relies on ‘conventional’ matching algorithms like soundex – and a long iterative process of trial and error, playing with various algorithms and matchcodes just to figure out how to get ‘adequate’ results.

  • Requires significant effort to standardize, cleanse & format data.
  • Accurate results are difficult to achieve.
  • Requires time consuming experimentation with algorithms to build, test, analyse, and tweak various matchcodes.
  • Common data errors cause false and missed matches.

Six Facts you absolutely must know about Conventional Customer Data Matching

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360Science is the next-generation approach to matching and unifying contact data.

We built 360Science for Alteryx with the Data Analyst in mind. We’ve reduced the level of expertise, the number of steps, the complexity, and the sheer number of transformations required to match customer data – while significantly increasing the accuracy of matching.

Our integration with Alteryx features 360Science’s Intelligent In-Memory Matching Engine. It is hands-down the fastest, most accurate, and easiest approach to matching and unifying customer data. It forever changes how you do customer data matching – with none of the data wrangling, or the toolbox of regular expressions to extraction, transformation and standardize data before matching it.

We completely reimagined how contact data matching should work.

Alteryx scoring table

Seamlessly Identify Data Relationships

Automated Entity Resolution. Automatically matchup internal and external data sources to quickly create a complete, resolved view of customer records in your database  – whether individual, company or other.

The 360Science Matching Engine can seamlessly identify Individual level, household level, and business level matches, and custom configurations all in one routine. It reduces the burden on your IT staff and empowers your analysts, by quickly guiding the matching process, and without the need to write complex scripts, test business logic, rerun analysis, create new matchcodes or generate new matchkeys on the data. #gamechanging

360Science INTELLIGENTLY Scores Matches!

Conventional solutions do not!

Accuracy Matters!


Independent testing by one of our partners reported, 360Science Matching Engine delivered up to a 226% more accurate match rate on customer CRM data than competing solutions.


Bower and Bauer

Hernández and Hernandes

Muhammad, and Mohamed

Non-Phonetic Similarity

Street & St, Straße & Str.

Auto, Motors and Car

1 = One, First , 1st


Turner Broadcasting Company ~ TBC

LLC = Limited Liability Corporation


Wilson, Wislon & Wilsn

95128 ~ 91528

7350 ~ 07350


Jose Gonzalez

Gonzalez Jose

560 Main St Ste 106

Suite 106 560 Main St


Inc, Incorporation, LLC

Insurance, Assurance

The State Farm Insurance Company of California LLC


Michael = Mike Michel, Mickey, and Mikhael

Jacqueline = Jacklynn, Jaclyn, Jackie

Parsing & Restructuring

|Mr Jose R Gonzalez Jr MMD | =

|Mr | Jose | R | Gonzalez | Jr | MMD |

| AtlantaGA30305 |

| Atlanta | GA | 30305 |

Unicode - Transliteration

أبراج الاتحاد = 'abraj al etihad

ਬਲਰਾਜ = Balarāja

にこらす = Nikkarasu


Intelligent Matching Engine

Multiple Techniques – One Intelligent Matching Engine

matchit® “encapsulates” multiple algorithms, lexicons, and processes into one “intelligent” process to ensure that all types of difference are detected. Essentially, taking a 3-dimensional view of the data, never relying on any single item of data being correct or consistent!

The logic identifies and strips out noise words, such as ‘of’ & ‘the’. AND it creates relationships between words like (‘cars’ & ‘motors and ‘ltd’ & ‘limited’’). AND the tokens account for miskeyed data. AND the tokens account for the consonant sounds, AND the vowel sounds, AND the stressed syllables in the name.

Notice these are “AND” statements. not separate procedures like conventional data matching processes.

Analytic Process Automation

As a leader in analytic process automation (APA), Alteryx unifies analytics, data science and process automation in one, end-to-end platform to accelerate digital transformation and rapidly upskill the modern workforce. The Alteryx APA Platform™ provides hundreds of automation building blocks for data prep and blending, diagnostic and predictive analytics, AutoML, and code-free data science.

The self-service platform requires no specialized skillsets and is designed to put automation in the hands of all data workers; it can automate analytics and data science pipelines, manage complex data-centric business processes and deliver actionable insights to stakeholders in every line of business. Thousands of organizations globally use Alteryx to deliver quick wins and high-impact business outcomes.

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