High-performance data quality built for Microsoft SQL Server.

Match & Merge – mSQL’s persistent key, matching and scoring logic is an absolute game changer.

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Fully integrated Address Validation logic supports your toughest CRM, Data Integration and MDM needs.

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Extraction, Transformation, Clean, Parse, Standardize, Correct and Enrich – A stored procedure for everything.

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Real-time Email Verification – Separate the good, the bad and the ugly. Market to only verified emails.

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The Most Effective Path to Cleaner Data in Microsoft SQL Server®

What is mSQL

Enterprise Data Quality comes to SQL Server

mSQL is a high-performance fully integrated data quality platform for Microsoft SQL Server.

mSQL library of Data Quality Components are specifically developed to run in Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) using SSIS – or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) utilizing .NET stored procedures.

mSQL provides a full spectrum of data quality capabilities for Contact Data Management – including, Data Matching, Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment & Verification.

mSQL data matching and cleansing

Data Matching

This Isn’t Like Your Daddy’s Matching Engine

mSQL’s core logic is powered by 360Science’s Intelligent Matching Engine.

mSQL is already tuned for performance on a wide range of customer data and data issues – so you don’t have to! The engine encapsulates multiple algorithms for detecting phonetic, fuzzy, miskeyed, and abbreviated variations – never relying on any single item of data being correct or consistent,

Robust scoring models gives you the insight you need to automate your data matching – and greater control of the matching process.

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Speed, Performace & Scale

Fast AND Accurate – Who said you can’t have both?

mSQL is built from the ground up for high performance within SQL Server – multithreaded and optimized queries for large data.

Using the fastest methods to transport data between the processing engine and your database – mSQL delivers speed, reliability and accuracy. Proven with many of our clients running databases with 100’s of millions of customer records regularly on/across mission critical data systems.

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Contact ETL + Address Validation

Quickly and Easily Fix Your Data

Ensure the addresses in your CRM, list or databases are accurate and complete

mSQL fully integrated ETL and Addressing Engine allows you to compare your data against the USPS® National database – without your data leaving your server!

Use mSQL to correct, parse and standardize your addresses. Our Delivery Point Validation DPV™, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ confirm deliverability, updates Suite info and adds/verifies the ZIP + 4® codes.

USPS address validation


Your Data is Always on the Move

Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau – 1 in 9 people move each year in the US, and 24.5% of of all people living in renter-occupied housing units lived elsewhere one-year prior

mSQL’s integrated NCOA Move Update processing to allow you to link your data to the USPS database and return the new addresses for individuals, family, or business that have changed address. Simply set the NCOALink® option and your database is processed in real time. Data integration functions allow you to specify and control how you return the new data back to your list or database.

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Best-in-Class Platform

Recognized leader in CRM Data Quality, MDM & Data Integration,Real-Time Decisioning, and List Management applications.

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CRM Data Quality

The Customer Data in your CRM is the lifeblood of your business – and it must remain clean at all times.

Build mSQL into the preventative and curative measures you take to ensure clean reliable data consistently lives in your CRM and marketing automation.

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BI, MDM & Data Integration

Data Quality is the most critical stage in Business Intelligence, MDM and any Data Integration project,

mSQL is a central platform to help you create a single customer view, delivering high quality data across your company.

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Application Development

Embed Data Quality for Real-Time Decisioning and Batch Processing.

mSQL developer’s SDK for tighter product integration to automate Data Quality in your application or systems.

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List management

If you are DBA or Data Steward who is constantly processing databases, tables and lists you need a solution that is Complete, Quickly AND Easy.

Used by some of the world’s biggest data processors like Dun & Bradstreet, DatabaseUSA and Gannet.

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Take a look under the hood and read about the inner workings of mSQL.

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Read more about the engine that makes our products #Awesome

Four-Reasons You’ll Love mSQL

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Matching Engine

Match and Consolidate Customer
Data with Unparalleled Accuracy

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Persistent Keys & Scoring

mSQL’s Persistent Keys and Scoring Logic is an Absolute Game Changer.

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Speed, Scale & Performance

Designed to Run Fast and Scale Easily.
Even 100’s of Millions or Records.

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Bring Your Data As It Is

mSQL ETL Logic will Extract, Transform Parse Standardize and Enrich Your Data

Okay… That’s cool!