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Our technology is available as a complete data quality platform for the workstation, APIs, a REST Service, In-Memory API, and even an in-cluster Spark API for Hadoop and Big-Data applications. We also provide pre-built integrations for many data analytics and data integration platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server and Alteryx!


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matchit® Intelligent Matching
Traditional solutions give you a library of algorithms and regular expressions – and expect you to figure out how to use them on your data. We call that #RegExHell

360Science is much smarter than that. matchit® – delivers a single AI engine with interwoven processes, and is pretuned for various use cases – automatically handling most aspects of customer data unification. With our products, integrations and API toolkits for many common database and data analytics platforms, 360Science lets you more effectively build data quality into virtually any application that touches people data.

360 Science Products Overview
Core Capabilities

360Science utilizes a unique blend of proprietary algorithms, including its own logic and AI to ensure that all types of variations in contact data are caught. Essentially taking a 3-dimensional view of the data, never relying on any single item of data being consistent or even correct! This is very different than typical matching processes that depend on conventional algorithms, extracted, transformed, standardized data, with matchcodes and matchkeys.

matchit® maximizes legitimate matches, minimizes false matches and gives you greater control of the matching process. It’s amazingly accurate & tolerant to the wide variations specific to customer data – and not be reliant on data standardization, correction and manipulation before matching.

Simplify your data prep. Just because matchit doesn’t require extraction, transformation or normalization to process data – that doesn’t mean it can’t do it!

Code-free and Regex-free, matchit is designed to simplify even the most complex customer data normalization tasks. matchit is a high-performance extraction, parsing and casing engine explicitly built for dealing with the nuances found in working with ‘contact’ data. It analyzes each contact record, intelligently determines the input structure, and correctly extracts and parses the values.

360 Science Products Overview

Our address validation solutions are optimized for each deployment type – Batch or Autocomplete, Web Services or On-Premise, or as a component of a fully-integrated data quality solution – allowing you to Parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

360 Science Products Overview

Real-time Fully Integrated 48-Month NCOA

360Science NCOA is fully integrated into our data quality platforms. Our NCOA service provides secure real-time access to the complete USPS 48 month NCOALink database of individuals, families, and businesses who have changed address. The data we provide you is updated daily to ensure the highest accuracy.

360 Science Products Overview

Rooftop-level Geocoding accuracy for most of the US and major cities in the World

Add precise geolocation information to your address data. 360Science provides global geolocation point-level (rooftop) geocoding for over 60 countries, to premise-level in 120 countries, and to city-centroid for more than 240 countries worldwide. Our Quality Index and Search Distance Scores provide metadata on how accurate and reliable your location data is for every record in your database, and how close the geocode position is to the actual physical location of an address. That’s Intelligent!

Match and Unify Poor Quality Foreign Data at Scale with 360Science’s in-memory API. matchit is simply the world’s fastest and most capable engine for unifying global customer data, with the ability to accurately link millions of customer records in different data systems in just seconds.

360 Science Products Overview

matchit treats address lines as an object and does not require addresses to be validated, standardized or corrected prior to matching. Because matchit’s scoring engine is separate from the matching logic, it is tolerant to significant variations in the data and can score the granular differences in inputs. This makes matchit ideal for applications involving fraud detection or international data where address data is expected to be poorly formatted and not correctable.

360 Science Products Overview

matchit delivers the ability to easily match worldwide data and supports *all* character sets and *all* worldwide languages. Unicode input data is processed by the core engine, and transliterated into English Latin characters and then by the AI for matching. So, whether your data is Latin (Worldwide/Localized), Cyrillic Россия, Hellenic Ελλάδα, Hebrew ישראל, KANJI 日本, Simplified Chinese 中国, Arabic العربية, Thai ประเทศไทย, Hangul 대한민국,  and even Klingon ˈt͡ɬɪŋɑn (yes – no kidding), matchit has you covered. When when paired with our global address validation engine address data capabilities are further enhanced.

Note: Transliteration functions are not supported in the mDesktop workstation application

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