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Impact of Inaccurate Data

CRM Administrators and Data Stewards know better than anyone that Data Quality is not an IT problem – it’s a business problem. In every instance the problem starts with a human entering a record in the customer or CRM database – and it just keeps growing.

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Solve your Biggest Data Challenges

Using a Full Suite of Data Quality Applications, Data and Services

CRM Data Quality Software

The Customer Data in your CRM is the lifeblood of your business. Duplicate removal is not only the first consideration when looking for a fresh start, but is arguably the most critical.

We offer a full range of solutions – from easy to use desktop software to integrated database solutions for DBA’s.

Data Quality Software
Data Enrichment

Data enrichment, verification and data append are all components of achieving a 360 degree view of the customer (aka Single Customer View). But do you know where to start?

360Science offers a full range of data services to create and maintain the accuracy of the customer data in your CRM and marketing database.

Data Enrichment
Address Validation

Real-Time or Batch – we make it quick and easy to fix Your address data.

In addition to our US Postal Service CASS certified Address correction – we offer International address verification, correction and standardization. Our data covers  240+ countries and is curated using country by country expertise in the local region.

Address Validation
Data Quality Services

360Science Professional Services Team offers fully managed data services to help you tackle a wide range of CRM Data Quality issues.

We don’t just develop the software – we use it too! Our team of data quality professionals have years of experience working complex contact data quality projects big and small.

Data Quality Services

The Velocity at Which Your Data Changes is Staggering

B2B CRM Databases degrade 22.5% per Year.


Businesses will
change address
in just one hour

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individuals in the US
will change jobs
in just one hour

customer key
solution icon 3


People move
in the US. in just one hour!
That’s 1 out of every 9 people!


couples will get married.
another 263 divorced
every hour!

solution icon 4


business people have
at least “one” change to their
contact information each year.

solution icon 5


C-level executive
will be in new roles each hour!

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companies will change their
name. 12 will start 20 will fail
you guessed it – every sixty-seconds!

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Let’s Put a Bow on It.

This is How Poor Data Quality Impacts Marketers

1 of every 20 Records in your CRM is a duplicate.
15 – 20% of your CRM database is erroneous or unusable.

dolla Factoring hard costs and soft costs – poor data quality costs business 12 percent of their revenue each year.

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