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Correct, Standardize & Verify Your Data

Our address validation solutions are optimized for each deployment type – Batch or Autocomplete, Web Services or On-Premise, or as a component of a fully-integrated data quality solution – allowing you to parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

matchit - The Intelligent Matching Engine

Traditional solutions give you single point API or a library of algorithms and regular expressions – and expect you to figure out how to use them on your data. 360Science is smarter than that. Our Intelligent Matching Engine delivers interwoven processes, automatically handling most aspects of customer data unification.

We provide platform integrations and API toolkits for many common database and data analytics platforms, that are pretuned for various use cases.

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Data Quality Platforms with Integrated Address Verification

These solutions provide a full spectrum of contact data quality capabilities – with built in data matching and ETL parsing engine that extracts, transforms and unifies your data. These solutions also include Address Verification Engines – and integrated real-time USPS NCOALink® 48-month full service change of address data.

Workstation Platform

Desktop is designed to resolve complex contact data quality issues – EASILY.

This workstation data quality solution provides point-and-click data cleansing that eliminates the complexity of even some of the most challenging customer data quality and unification tasks.

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360Science for
Microsoft SQL Server

360Science for SQL Server is a fully integrated data quality platform built from the ground up for high performance within SQL Server.

Specifically developed to run in Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) using SSIS or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) utilizing .NET stored procedures.

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360science for
Alteryx Data Analytics

A customer data matching workbench for the Alteryx® Platform. This integration between Alteryx and 360Science that makes matching and unifying contact data faster, easier and a lot more accurate!

It’s light-years beyond Alteryx’s native tools.

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Address Verification APIs

360Science understands the intricacies of global address data management. Easily integrate batch or single record lookup for precise global address and geocode data around the world. Deploy as either ‘local data’ for secure large enterprise requirements, or transactional web service that can easily scale with your needs.

Real-time Search

Deployed on premise this web service API joins 360Science’s AI Matching Engine with Address Verification to provide real time search/look-up across all operational databases to identify potential matching records.

As users enter contact details, the AI finds potential matches and also corrects addresses as “new” contact records are created.

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On-Premise API optimized for Batch & Eventstream processes provides address verification for the US and 240+ Countries. This API will parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data for all countries and territories, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

Configure for the countries you need, and include optional geocoding for roof-top level accuracy.

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Cloud Type-Ahead

Advanced real-time autocomplete address verification web service API. As soon as you start typing a business name, street or postal code, this cloud based REST API suggests results to auto-complete the address.

With its type-ahead functionality and location biasing logic – this is one smart API!

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