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What is 360Science for Microsoft SQL Server?

360Science for SQL Server (aka mSQL) is a complete customer data quality platform for Microsoft SQL Server that provides a full spectrum of contact data quality capabilities – including, data matching, data cleansing, normalization, standardization and verification.

  • Full Spectrum Data Quality
  • Coverage for 240+ Countries – worldwide contact data matching and address verification
  • Intelligent data matching and master record algorithms
  • U.S. NCOA change-of-address processing
  • Parsing, Normalization and more…

mSQL on laptop

Technically speaking

Built on the 360Science AI Engine – 360Science for SQL Server is specifically developed to run in Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) using SSIS – or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) utilizing .NET stored procedures.

From data cleansing to advanced data transformations, the 360Science AI engine is designed to simplify even the most complex tasks into a few simple clicks. Its self-contained workflow component makes It is very easy to integrate with new and existing ETL components.

mSQL on laptop

Features at a Glance

Our Intelligent-Stack Architecture™ delivers a full range of capabilities, interwoven processes, with an Intelligent AI Engine pretuned for various use cases – automatically handling most aspects of customer data unification.

mSQL on laptop

Built on 360Science’s massively scalable AI Engine, mSQL deliver as much as 226% more accurate match rate – even on large volumes of data! 360Science uses a blend of probabilistic analysis with deterministic logic and using ‘all’ available data to score/grade potential matches.


We believe customer data unification should be easy regardless of a user’s technical ability. 360Science simplifies every step of the process. It’s faster – it’s easier – it’s more accurate


Deterministic and probabilistic logic combine with artificial intelligence to deliver as much as 40x faster time to insights on CRM customer data over Microsoft SQL Data Quality Services


Built from the ground up and optimized to work natively within Microsoft SQL Server – taking advantage of all of SQL Server’s inherent data security and performance capabilities

Why 360Science for Microsoft SQL Server?

Because your matching solution can’t handle this!
Near Zero
Data Wrangling

The Engine doesn’t require data to be cleansed, normalized or transformed prior to matching.

Seamlessly match data in different formats, and without needing to blend different data sources into a common format / target database.

Mind Blowingly

The scoring logic is light-years beyond what you find in traditional solutions

Tested to deliver as much as 226% more accurate match rate on CRM customer data than traditional solutions.

Record Breaking

Best-in-class analytics engine, delivers 10-40x faster time to insights than conventional matching processes.

Reduce data matching processing from days and hours – to just minutes – even on large databases!

Rapid Deployment
Instant Impact

360Science is easy to deploy – and No data scientist required – so you can get up and running instantly.

The engine can automatically extract, transform, standardize your data – and even run multiple data matching models simultaneously!

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The 360Science Secret Sauce

For most non-technical users and decision makers, how 360Science works isn’t as important as how well it works. However, for IT decision makers, we know you’ll want to know more about the data science behind our Intelligent Matching Engine Architecture to understand why 360Science is one of the most innovative data analytics solutions available today.

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