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Today’s Enterprise Big Data & Cloud environments – require an approach to customer data matching not supported by the traditional data quality technologies available.

Built on the 360Science matching engine – this high-performance API delivers fuzzy data matching at unprecedented speed and accuracy – even on massive volumes of structured and poorly structured customer data.

The Engine utilizes a unique blend of proprietary algorithms, including its own logic and AI to ensure that all types of variations in contact data are caught. Essentially taking a 3-dimensional view of the data, never relying on any single item of data being consistent or even correct!

mHUB’s highly scalable architecture is designed from the ground up for in-memory processing – and can handle millions of events per second. Even in common commodity hardware environments, mHUB can chew through a CRM database comparing 100,000 client records against 50 million reference records with a 20% match rate in “11 seconds” – with NO sacrifice to matching accuracy!

API Engine

Seriously Powerful AI Engine

No need to spend months building complex data models. Our AI Engine is smarter than that. Just connect it to data.

Unprecedented Performance

Secure, fast, and enterprise ready. Our high-performance engine is built for the speed and scale of the global enterprise.

Easy to Deploy

Easy to Deploy

Our logic is pre-tuned and can be up and running in a fraction of the time of conventional solutions Just Code.

Constructing a clear unified picture of our customers required highly effective customer data matching logic. It’s a key reason why 360Science is vital to our organization.
Amir Javidan, SVP Operations PayPal - TIO Networks

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API Toolkit

Unified data all starts with the 360Science AI engine.

Matching stack

mHub is 360Science’s In-Memory cross-platform customer data API handling a range of functions from data normalization through data matching. The Engine is capable of incredible performance, and scales to handle extremely large datasets. It’s available for Windows, Unix and Linux environments. We provide sample code in C++, C# (.NET), and Java. The C# and Java samples illustrate how to read and write from database tables using ADO.NET, and JDBC respectively.

Because one methodology cannot be relied on exclusively to deal with all variations found in a typical database, 360Science uses multiple algorithms and lexicons to ensure that all types of difference are detected, taking a 3-dimensional view of the data, and never relying on any single item of data being correct or consistent!

mHUB incorporates Smart Matching – a combination of features that allows the automatic configuration of keys and other settings based on columns mapped, and the automatic selection of the ideal matching configuration and automatically configure itself.

In real-time and event stream modes, the Automated Entity Resolution AI analyzes the inputs to automatically determine the best matching configuration, on a record-by-record basis. It can even run different matching models simultaneously ( e.g Individual, Household, etc.).

This API also features Intelligent Scoring Logic. 360Science scoring is unbound from Key Generation and the logic to group matches and score matches, the engine can identify matches without the need to create a new MatchCode or generate match keys on the data! The Engine can also be set to weight individual attributes positively or negatively – creating matching and unmatching probabilities as well as identify “Automatic False-Positives” or “Automatic Positive Matches”. In other words – it’s a lot more accurate!

The 360Science Matching Engine – maximizes legitimate matches, minimizes false matches and gives you greater control of the matching process.

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Other available developer toolkits To Build Customer Data Unification at Scale

360Science In-Memory REST API

The mHUB in-memory REST service is an add-on for mHUB in-memory API, but in the form of a RESTful Web service designed to support multiple event real-time search, look-up, and evenstream processes.

360Science for Apache SparkTM

Currently in private-beta, 360Science for Spark is a deployment of the mHUB in-memory engine distributed as an in-cluster API for large-scale data processing using Apache Spark in Hadoop and Big-Data environments.

360Science SQL Engine

High-performance customer data quality platform developed to run in Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) using SSIS – or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) utilizing .NET Stored Procedures.

360Science .NET real-time web service toolkit

Delivered as an IIS .NET web application, this WCF and SOAP based web services provides real-time data cleansing as well as interactive search and look-up for applications deployed on Microsoft SQL Server.

APIs to deploy Address Correction Anywhere

Add US or Global address validation capabilities to your integrated enterprise applications or website. Our intelligent API autocorrects your address data to correct USPS or international standardized formats. We provide APIs optimized for each deployment type – Batch or Autocomplete, or Event Stream, allowing you to easily deploy the API and parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

Website Forms

Search / Lookup

Batch Process

Event Stream Processing

Address Validation & Geolocation APIs

Address Validation APIs

Address Validation On-Premise Batch & Eventstream API

US and/or Global Address Validation all via a single, easy to integrate API for 240+ Countries.

US Address Validation Real-time interactive .NET SDK

Delivered as an IIS .NET web application, this WCF and SOAP based web service provides real-time data cleansing as well as interactive search and look-up for applications deployed on Microsoft SQL Server.

Global Address Validation Cloud Type-Ahead Search API

Easy to integrate cloud based web service (not local) with a lot of intelligence built under the hood. Includes logic supporting Location Biasing, Predictive typing and autocomplete for global address in 240+ countries.

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