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Capable of supporting complex enterprise data quality needs


Easy-to-use UI makes quick work of common data cleansing tasks


Clean, Parse, Match, Standardize, Correct and Enrich. #MicDrop


Matching and addressing logic accurately fixes your data

Data Quality - Made Easy

Is the matching any good? No. It’s Awesome!

Desktop identifies potential duplicates by taking a multi-dimensional view of the data – maximizing legitimate matches, minimizing false matches and gives you greater control of the matching process.

Unlike competing products that require you to normalize the data and THEN build complex match rules – Desktop is ready to go out of the box. Powered by matchit, Desktop delivers superior results while never relying on any single item of data being correct or consistent!

Read more about the Matching Engine.

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Built in point & click ETL

Desktop is designed to resolve many contact data quality issues. The built in parsing engine identifies, extracts, and transforms your data – ensuring even the most inconsistent data entries are properly cleansed.

Desktop will relocate data that is in the wrong field (e.g. company names, states or postal codes), parse freeform names into their proper fields, determine gender based on the name input, and Intelligently case names like MacDonald, O’Reilly, DeNuzio & DiFilipo, van der Valk, Smith-Walker.

You can even configure rules for name output (e.g. Fedex=FedEx).

Multiple Data Sources? No Problem!

Desktop makes the incredibly challenging task of matching two or more data sources easy.

It does not require time consuming ETL or restructuring in order to match data sources with different file types or file formats. It will even combine data from duplicate records intelligently so that information is consolidated into a single enhanced master record.

You have to see it to believe it!

mDesktop address validation interface

Quickly and Easily Fix Your Address Data

Ensure the addresses in your CRM, list or databases are accurate and complete.

Desktop makes it easy to compare your data against the USPS® National database, and to correct, parse and standardize your addresses.  Our Delivery Point Validation DPV™, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™  confirm deliverability, updates Suite info and adds/verifies the ZIP + 4® codes.

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Your Data is Always on the Move

Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau – 1 in 9 people move each year in the US, and 24.5% of of all people living in renter-occupied housing units lived elsewhere one-year prior.

Desktop’s integrated NCOA Move Update processing to allow you to link your data to the USPS database and return the new addresses for individuals, family, or business that have changed address.  Simply set the NCOALink® option and your lists are processed in real time.  Data integration functions allow you to specify and control how you return the new data back to your list or database.

address enrichment

Did you know?… With Desktop you can enrich and append data?

Data Quality shouldn’t be hard

In today’s big data world there’s never been more data to work with – nor have the insights from the data more valuable. We also know this data can be extremely hard to work with, especially if it’s been entered by hand or comes from different systems. The simple task of figuring out “who’s who” in a database, spreadsheet or CRM can feel like a herculean, time-consuming task.

You need to quickly and easily clean your data


Load your data


Run matching & cleaning


Output clean data

mDesktop data quality example

Put the power of matchit to work on your toughest data quality challenge

Match and Consolidate

Single file, two file, or multiple file processing. Files in different file formats and in different locations? No problem! Match, merge/purge and suppression is a breeze!

Address Correction

Verify your data against the USPS® database to correct, clean, parse and standardize your addresses. Delivery Point Validation DPV™ to confirm deliverability and add ZIP+4 codes.


Want to know where your customer moved to? Integrated NCOA processing allows you to check your data to the USPS database to return new addresses for individuals, families, or businesses that have moved.

Database Connectivity

Load and output all common file types such as Access, Excel, DBF, CSV, etc.
Or connect your data using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to load and output directly with SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL.

Intelligent Data Merge

Create your best record with mDesktop’s intelligent data merge function. Combine data from your duplicate records or transfer data between files and data to missing fields, so that you do not lose any information.

No ETL – No problem!

Bring your data as it is. Desktop will parse freeform names into their proper fields and relocate data that is in the wrong field e.g. company names or postal codes that are floating in the address lines. It will even recase your data.

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