360Science is the name for advanced matching technology to data scientists and analysts worldwide.

Now we’re bringing it to everyone else.

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Cortex screen

All Your Data,
All Your People


Cortex introduces an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow to give any user across the organization the ability to pickup and perform matching jobs in minutes. No coding, no training, no downtime, and no hassle.

Whether you’re a business user or a data scientist, you can quickly and easily match and dedupe data in a code-free or code-friendly environment. Save and share workflows so you never have to waste another minute again on the same matching job.

cortex Accessibility

Not Just a
Pretty <InterFace>


Cortex leverages the power of the 360Science AI Matching Engine to bring the most accurate contact data solution to users across the world. Fine-tuned over three decades to handle the nuances of contact data, the Matching Engine maximizes accuracy without increasing tolerances to false positives.

Cortex Accuracy
Cortex Engine

The Brains
Behind Cortex


The 360Science Matching Engine doesn’t rely on a single sub-string comparison to determine matches; instead, it compares the many facets of your data contextually. A proprietary phonetic algorithm, lexicons, and a scoring matrix all work together to deliver human-like perception at scale.

Learn About the Engine
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Reimagine How You See Customer Data Quality

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Raw to Results
in Minutes


Get your data from raw to results even faster with Cortex’s unparalleled system performance. Utilizing in-memory processing and multi-threading to produce insights at breakneck speeds, Cortex’s architecture means it handles multiple functions concurrently, optimizing processing speed without sacrificing results.

Cortex Speed
* Tested using 10-core hyper-threaded Windows PC with 64 GB RAM
Cortex Scale

One Consistent UX
Through Every Life Cycle


Cortex wasn’t just designed to be fast, it was engineered to handle massive volumes of data. Whether you’re looking at less than a million records or hundreds of millions of rows, there’s a version of Cortex suited for you.


Cortex scales with the requirements of a growing organization, enabling them to quickly adopt more powerful deployments without having to learn new software, benefiting from one continuous user experience.

A Smarter Way
to Match


Ease-of-use is important but not at the expense of control. Cortex was designed to provide anyone with granular configuration options over virtually every facet of the Matching Engine.

With a few simple clicks, a user can adjust the contextual scoring matrix, minimum scoring thresholds, and candidate grouping criteria. Users have the tools to customize how Cortex weighs every nuance of their data.

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Inspire Your Team to Succeed

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