High-performance in-memory matching engine

The matching engine
turning Big-Data into Fast-Data

Data Quality at
Unprecedented Performance

mHUB is a database agnostic in-memory data matching API for customer data applications – transacting on large-scale data sets in real-time, orders of magnitude faster than possible with traditional disk-based technologies.

Application developers today are faced with developing for event driven architectures where data is streaming to numerous systems and varying data sources.


Complex Data Matching for Today’s Applications

Today’s Enterprise Big Data & Cloud environments – require an approach to data matching not supported by the traditional data quality technologies available..

Built on the 360Science matching engine – this high-performance API delivers fuzzy data matching at unprecedented speed and accuracy. on massive volumes of structured and unstructured customer data.

The cross-platform component is database agnostic, runs entirely in-memory and able to process customer data from any data source.

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Unprecedented Speed

You Haven’t Experienced Data Matching Like This!

mHUB’s highly distributed architecture is designed from the ground up for in-memory processing – and can handle millions of events per second.

Even in common commodity hardware environments, mHUB can chew through a CRM database comparing 100,000 client records against 50 million reference records with a 20% match rate in “11 seconds” – with NO sacrifice to matching accuracy!

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Unlimited Scale

Whether your Data is in Motion or at Rest

Whether you are processing millions of single transactions – or a database with 100’s of millions of records – mHUB can handle it!

mHUB you can analyze high-velocity big data while it’s still in motion – before it is stored! The Low-latency response time (milliseconds & sub-milliseconds) will fundamentally change how you think about high-volume processing.

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Database Agnostic

Database Agnostic and Platform Indifferent

Application developers can now build and deploy data quality logic – at hyper-scale – on-premise or in the cloud.

mHUB’s in memory architecture means you can process, clean and match data before it ever touches your database. Connect multiple data sources relational or non-relational, SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL or Hadoop – to whatever application you are building.


Cloud Ready

mHUB on Premise or in the Cloud

Within the next three to five years, most large enterprises will have much more data in the cloud than in their own data centers.

mHUB is designed to deploy anywhere and connect to any data source – to match and consolidate data across disparate systems. mHUB is already running mission critical data in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and crunching data in

Bypass integration headaches and start building ‘your’ new generation of mission-critical apps with mHUB.

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Easy to Deploy

A Powerful API for Customer Data

mHUB connects to any data source (relational, non-relational, SQL NoSQL, Hadoop,) with sample calling applications in Java, C, C++, and .NET (including C# and Visual Basic .NET). There is also a RESTful Web Service too!

Match using any data held about the contact, including name, address, telephone, email, date of birth, and custom fields – and at multiple levels simultaneously (individual, family, household, company, custom).

Highly configurable logic allows you to add custom matching rules with minimum effort at any stage of the process.

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Bring your own database

No need to spend months building complex data models.

Our team of engineers, data scientists and developers have researched, tested numerous algorithms from Jaro-Winkler and levenshtein to Spedis and Compged etc to create and perfect the industry’s most accurate and reliable contact data matching engine.

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What Can You Do with Big Data & mHUB?

Build data quality into virtually an application that requires customer data matching.

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Take a look under the hood and read
about the inner workings of mHUB


Take a look under the hood and read
about the inner workings of mHUB

Here are a Few Ideas to Get you Going!

Financial Services

– Risk Analysis
– Credit Decisioning
– Fraud Detection
– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Regulatory Compliance
– Collections & Recovery
– Financial Decision-Making

Marketing, Sales & CRM

– Risk Analysis
– Marketing Automation
– Lead prioritization
– Territory Management
– Response Analysis
– Segmentation
– Direct Marketing
– Buyer Influencer Mapping

Insurance & Healthcare

– Insurance Risk
– Eligibility
– Claims Processing
– Collections & Recovery
– Medical Records (EHR)
– HIPAA Compliance
– Call Center


– eCommerce
– Point of Sale (POS)
– Call Center
– Loyalty
– Order Fulfillment
– Fraud Detection
– Channel optimization

Data Management

– Direct Marketing
– Customer Analytics
– List Management
– Data Cleansing
– Market Intelligence
– Data Integration
– Data Warehousing

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