complexity of name matching

The Complexity of Accurate Name Matching – Whitepaper

The link between a name and a person is inextricable to the point a name is a person, but it could be said that the person is more than their name — take Taylor Swift for example. He’s a 29-year-old Seattle based photographer.

Name matching: it’s about more than a name.

The volume of consumer profile data collected is growing across industries and organizations at an exponential rate — with most companies depending on this data daily.  With the sheer volume of customer records being entered and re-entered by businesses across systems, how do companies ensure accurate and correct matching? Whether it’s spelling variations, misinterpretations, lack of address standardization, or cultural differences, there are literally a million ways that contact data can be corrupted, wrongly matched, or duplicated.

The first step is to understand the complexities of contact data if we want to solve for these challenges. In this new whitepaper, “Understanding The Complexity of Name Matching,” we attempt to do just that by explaining what it is that makes the challenge of name matching so unique—one that is only becoming more complex with time—and present solutions to some of the most frequent contact data challenges. 

Read the full whitepaper ‘Understanding the complexity of name matching’ here.