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Data Matching Guide Vol. 2

How To Do Customer Data Matching. The Right Way.

The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Matching ‘Volume 2’ reveals what advanced customer data matching looks like.

We have entered into an era in which data matching is woven into the fabric of business. Where the use of data is married with customer insight, and every customer interaction must be captured, analyzed, and expanded on. The problem is, according to nearly every published resource from Accenture to Gartner -average duplication rates in customer databases today are still around 5 percent, and in hospital MPI databases that number climbs to 9.4 percent.

With current demands on CEO, CIO and CMO to more effectively leverage the customer data as it flows through the organization – there is a growing need to eliminate the challenges and limitations of conventional data matching processes. Improving customer data unification, requires a proven framework.

This ebook provides an overview of 360Science AI Matching Engine – and dives into how to do customer data matching – the right way.


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