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360Science Unveils Cortex – Data Matching Reimagined

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 1, 2019 — 360Science, the leader in customer data matching technology has announced the release of their latest innovation, Cortex. 360Science has empowered data scientists, analysts, and database administrators with the ability to match, dedupe, and unify data accurately and quickly. Now, 360Science  is putting this power in the hands of everyone who needs it.

“The idea that data is an organization’s most valuable asset isn’t a new one,” says Brian Haering, VP Sales & Operations. “Many organizations are encouraging efforts to democratize data so everyone top to bottom can benefit from data-driven decision making. Access to data isn’t enough, people across the business need tools and technology to extract the insights necessary to positively influence strategic decisions. Cortex is the answer to a question sparked by this very dilemma. How do we make the world’s most dynamic and powerful matching engine accessible to everyone?”

Cortex blends the 360Science Intelligent Matching Engine with a drag-and-drop workflow builder. The UI was designed with ease-of-use front-and-center and is coupled with a catalog of features that make complex customer data matching as easy as pressing a button. 

About 360Science

Engineered specifically to handle the challenges and nuances found in contact and business data, the 360Science Intelligent Matching Engine uses an approach to finding matches that is fundamentally different than conventional solutions. A proprietary phonetic algorithm is used in conjunction with natural language processing techniques, lexicons, and a contextual scoring matrix to deliver human-like perception, at scale. Users can bring their data as is, without having to waste valuable time preprocessing or validating. We deliver this capability to 600 brands in 30+ countries through software applications, APIs, and productized integrations with platforms like Microsoft SQL Server, Alteryx, and Spark.

When accuracy matters, people choose 360Science.

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