Comcast choose 360Science

Comcast chooses 360science for improving their advanced targeting analytics solutions

Comcast is uniting customer data, analytics and advanced research to help advertisers identify the right audience with the right campaign, message and outcome.

More than just driving ads, Comcast Spotlight, the advertising and data analytics business unit of Comcast is using data and advanced analytics to more precisely target customers by their unique individual persona in order to more efficiently and effectively reach specific audience segments.This means delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

Comcast partnered with 360science to bring together the best in customer data matching technology, and media, data and analytics – to help brands and advertisers “identify who their customer is.” Because the next generation of multi-screen advertising isn’t just about finding the audience on any screen; it’s about zeroing-in and pinpointing the customer to maximize advertising effectiveness.  

Specifically, Comcast is using 360Science for Microsoft SQL Server to create a single viewer truth – blending multiple sources of data. Comcast can now more effectively aggregate customer data from a variety of channels and sources—and organize that data around individual user profiles to deliver contextual real-time marketing across every channel.