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Developed over several years with significant investment in R&D. Today, multi-billion dollar companies across marketing data services, retail, insurance, financial services, healthcare and more – use 360Science to simplify and improve their customer data unification process.

Customer data is complex, but working with it shouldn’t be

360Science fuses the power of data science and artificial intelligence to deliver matchit® – the only matching engine built from the ground up for customer data applications. Match, unify, and merge customer data without the need for correction, standardisation, manipulation or enrichment. The AI matching logic is tolerant to the wide variations found in working with customer data – yet amazingly accurate!

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Data Unification –

There are two “wow” moments – First when you see the accuracy – and the second is the speed and ease with which the results were delivered.

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matchit® - The Intelligent Matching Engine

Traditional solutions give you a library of algorithms and regular expression – and expect you to figure out how to use them on your data. matchit is smarter than that. Our Intelligent Matching delivers a full range of capabilities, interwoven processes, with an Intelligent AI Engine pretuned for various use cases – automatically handling most aspects of customer data unification.

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Powerful Data Quality Platforms that play nice with others

360Science works any place (cloud, on-premise or hybrid), and with any data source. Our technology is available as a complete data quality solution for the workstation, or pre-built integrations for many data analytics and data integration platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server and Alteryx! We also provide APIs & SDKs, a REST Service, In-Memory API, and even an in-cluster Spark API for Hadoop and Big-Data applications.

Agile & Accessible

We believe customer data unification should be easy regardless of a user’s technical ability. 360Science simplifies every step of the process. It’s faster – it’s easier – it’s more accurate

Seriously Intelligent AI Engine

Deterministic and probabilistic logic combine with artificial intelligence to deliver as much as 90% more true matches on CRM customer data than traditional solutions

Enterprise Ready

360Science offers world-class APIs and toolkits for matchit – as well as pre-built integrations for many data analytics and data integration platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server and Alteryx!


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