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Create an accurate single customer view with the industry’s most trusted provider of data quality.  

With 360Science you can match, merge, extract, transform, cleanse, enrich, and verify – contact data. 360Science data quality platforms, data services and APIs make databases more accurate, targeted, and actionable.

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360Science is the next generation approach to matching and unifying contact data

360Science’s forever changes how you work with customer data – with none of the data wrangling, or the toolbox of regular expressions to extraction, transformation and standardize data before matching it.

We completely reimagined how contact data normalization, cleansing and matching should work. We’ve reduced the level of expertise, the number of steps, the complexity, and the sheer amount of transformations required to process customer data – while significantly increasing the accuracy of matching.

It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

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Unify contact data
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360Science Intelligent Matching Engine

Unify contact data

Why 360Science?

Because your ‘conventional’ matching processes can’t handle this!

It all starts with the matching engine!

Our team of engineers, data scientists and developers have created AND perfected the industry’s most accurate and effective contact data matching engine.

Matching Engine Matching engine

Intelligent Contact Data Matching

If you are going to match, clean and maintain “contact data” you need a data matching engine built from the ground up for that purpose.

360Science’s Automated Entity Resolution reduces the burden on IT staff and empowers data analysts by automating and quickly guiding the matching process. Matching processes can be run without the need to write complex scripts, test business logic, rerun analysis, create new matchcodes or generate new matchkeys on the data.

The 360Science matching engine matches customers within and across data sources, and can seamlessly identify individual level, household level, and business level matches, as well as custom configurations – all in one routine. #gamechanging

US & WORLDWIDE Address data quality

Seamless Address Data Quality

Batch or Autocomplete, Web Services or On-Premise, or as a component of a fully integrated contact data quality solution – 360Science location intelligence solutions allow you to easily validate, correct, and enrich address data.

address validation diagram

Normalization Powerful Normalization Logic

Powerful Normalization Logic

A high-performance extraction and parsing engine explicitly built for dealing with the issues and nuance found in working with ‘contact’ data

The 360Science engine analyzes each contact record, intelligently determines the input structure, and correctly extracts and parses the values without the data gymnastics or RegEx headaches found in using conventional SQL processes.

PayPal - Tio Networks Customer Story

Unified customer data for M&A, Business Intelligence and Customer Analytics is critical for effective decision making and growth – but only if based on accurate data. “For PayPal TIO Networks we knew constructing a clear picture of our customers required highly effective customer data matching logic. It’s a pretty key-reason why 360Science is vital to our organization”.

Amir Javidan, SVP Operations PayPal – TIO Networks

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